Blue Mosque and the Museum of Azerbaijan

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The Blue Mosque is a historic mosque in Tabriz, Iran. Jahan Shad, the ruler of the Kara Koyunlu dynasty, ordered tobuild this mosque in 15th century. The mosque is famous for its exquisite tile work and architecture. It earned it the nickname of “the turquoise of Islam”.

The mosque was originally part of a complex. It included a school, a library, a khanqah (a place for Sufi gatherings), and baths. However, an earthquake destroyed most of these buildings in 1780. Only the entrance hall (iwan) and some parts of the walls and dome remained intact.

The mosque’s tiles are mostly blue in color, with various patterns and designs. Some of them are hexagonal, some are geometric, and some are arabesque. Moreover, The tiles have inscriptions of Quranic verses and poems in different styles of calligraphy.

The mosque also has a mausoleum where Jahan Shah and his wife are buried. The mausoleum was never completed. But it still has some beautiful features, such as alabaster wall panels and a main prayer niche (mihrab). The mausoleum was located in a smaller prayer hall (shabestan) that was reserved for the royal family.

The reconstruction of the mosque began in 1973 by Reza Memaran Benam. He was a traditional architect from Tabriz, under the supervision of the Iranian Ministry of Culture. However, the tiling is still incomplete, and some parts of the mosque are still under repair.

The Blue Mosque is a national heritage site and a popular tourist attraction in Tabriz. It is also a place of worship and cultural significance for the people of Tabriz and Iran. It is a masterpiece of Islamic art and architecture that reflects the history and culture of its time.

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