Practicals: Persian Expressions

Persian, also known as Farsi, is an Indo-Iranian language spoken by about 110 million people, mainly in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. Persian has a rich and ancient literary tradition, and it is also a language full of colorful and practical expressions.

Learn Persian expressions Iranian people use every day. The following file contains a pdf file and some audio files that I read every sentence of the pdf. In the pdf file you can learn the following topics of Persian expressions:

  • How to introduce yourself and your friends without sounding weird
  • Understand the expressions your colleagues and boss use at work
  • The informal way to set up a meeting with a friend
  • Shop like an Iranian, get a good bargain, and ‘offer’ [Ta’arof]
  • Audio recordings to check the pronunciation

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Practicals: Links to the books

Here you find some practical links to the books you see in Persiancampus. The course Persian books I teach in Persiancampus are published by Sa’adi foundation. The electronic versions of these books can be used as a PDF file on the applications environment of Taghcheh.
Legally, I am not allowed to share the books on my website, but you can download the following PDF to learn how you can purchase the electronic version of these books.
You may need these names to be able to search your books. You cannot find them by searching their English names, so I put the Persian names and their links to follow and purchase the books you need:

Course books

1. A1: First Step Persian: Novice: English Version
کتاب گام اول (در یادگیری زبان فارسی)

2. A2: Mina 1: Elementary and Pre-intermediate: Volume 1
کتاب مینا (1)

3. B1: Mina 2: Pre-intermediate and intermediate: Volume 2
کتاب مینا (2)

4. B2: Mina 3: Intermediate and super-intermediate: Volume 3
کتاب مینا (3)

5. C: Mina 4: Advanced
کتاب مینا (4)


1. Framework1: Elementary and pre-intermediate
کتاب چارچوب ۱؛ برای فارسی‌آموزان سطح مقدماتی و پیش‌میانی

2. Framework2: Intermediate and upper-intermediate
کتاب چارچوب ۲

3. Iranology: Intermediate and Upper-intermediate
کتاب ایرانشناسی؛ برای فارسی آموزان سطح میانی و فوق میانی

4. Enjoy Reading 1: Elementary
لذت خواندن1

5. Enjoy Reading 2: Pre-intermediate
لذت خواندن2

6. Enjoy Reading 3: Intermediate and upper-intermediate
لذت خواندن3

7. Enjoy Reading 4: Advanced
لذت خواندن4

8. Shiraz: Elementary and pre-intermediate
کتاب شیراز

9. Persian Vocabulary in Use 1: Elementary and pre-intermediate
کتاب آموزش کاربردی واژه ۱

10. Persian Vocabulary in Use 2: Elementary and pre-intermediate
کتاب آموزش کاربردی واژه 2

11. Persian Vocabulary in Use 3: Intermediate and upper-intermediate
کتاب آموزش کاربردی واژه 3

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