Iran View shares the daily life of the Iranian people, as well as the nature of Iran. We will be only observers of the nature of Iran, the customs, and habits. however, I give you written information in some cases in three types of scripts: Persian, APA, and English.

In Iran view you will see how Iranians live, work, study, play, eat, dress, and celebrate in different regions and seasons. You will also see the beauty and diversity of Iran’s landscapes, nature, wildlife, flora, and fauna. You will learn about the history, culture, religion, art, and literature of Iran and its people. Iran view let you discover the similarities and differences between Iran and your own country. It helps you enjoy the sights and sounds of Iran through my camera lens.

All these videos are original. I make all these trips to find the suitable subjects for those who are into history or those who like just to experience Iranian lifestyles. Here you can find videos for all trypes of tastes. Either you are a fan of the nature of Iran or its people, you are into history or geography, I have videos for you. Watch and learn boynd just Persian language.

I hope you will find these videos interesting, informative, and entertaining.