Kahang: a village in central Iran

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Villages are very different in different countries. In Iran, traditionally, villages are not only far from the cities. Therefore the facilities, but also they are places that are left behind by the habitats that seek jobs. In the north of Iran, villages are green and houses are wooden. However, in the center and south of Iran, villages are dry and houses are thatched with clay and straw.

Today we walk through a village called Kahang in Isfahan province. Itis in the county of Ardestan, in Iran. It is located in the central district of Ardestan, in the rural district of Barzavand. According to the 2006 census, it had a population of 854 people, living in 259 families.

People speak a language which is called Kahangi (Kenzhe by the locals). Kahang is dry but mountanious. The weather is very cold at night and in winter, but cool in summer. At the moment Kahang has around four hundred habitats. Although many old locals are getting back to the village and making modern villas for the weekends, the young people are leaving it seeking jobs. This is where my parents were born, fell in love, struggled for their love, and happily married and right after marriage moved to Tehran. Let’s watch the video and learn Persian language and beyond.

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