Zargar: A Romano village in Iran

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Zargar is a village in Qazvin province. It is famous as ‘one of the strangest villages of Iran’. The main reason is that the people here are originally European, and speak Romano, besides Persian language and Turkish.

Zargar is a fascinating village in Iran that has a unique history and culture. It is home to the Zargari people.Zargars are a Muslim Romani ethnic group. They speak a dialect of the Balkan Romani language.

The origin of the Zargari people is shrouded in mystery, but there are several legends and theories about their ancestry. One of them says that they are descendants of three goldsmith brothers who migrated from Rumelia, a region in the Balkans, to Damascus, and then to Shiraz, during the reign of Nader Shah in the 18th century. The locals say they are originally from Italy and their ancestors were Italian gypsies or soldiers. Another story says that the Romanovs are originally from Iran. Because of their bravery, rulers chose them as Qazalbash soldiers of Shah Abbas Safavid. Some also believe that the Zargars were warriors and brave people and never obeyed the governments of the time. So, various rulers spread these people around the world to stay safe from danger. Some of the locals believe several thousand years ago some soldiers (400 people) were captured by the ruler of Iran during the war between Iran and Rome, but the king pardons them and they settled near Qazvin.

In this video, we walk into this village and visit an old woman singing a lullaby for us. Let’s listen and learn Persian language and beyond.

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