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Kandovan is a remarkable Iranian village in the northwest of Iran, famous for its unique rock-cut architecture and natural beauty. It is one of the few inhabited cave villages left in this world where modern-day cave dwellers carve their elaborate homes out of volcanic rocks.

Kandovan is in the foothills of Mount Sahand, near the city of Osku, in East Azerbaijan Province. It dates back to the 14th century, when people sought refuge from the Mongol invasion and other threats. The village has a cluster of cone-shaped houses that localls call them as “karaan”. The soft volcanic rocks of Sahand carved them. The houses have two to four floors, each with its own entrance and stairway on the exterior of the cone. People used the ground floor usually as a stable or a barn. While they used the upper floors as living quarters and kitchens. The houses are insulated by natural rock, which keeps them cool in summer and warm in winter.

Kandovan is a national heritage site and a popular tourist attraction in Iran. It is also a place of cultural and historical significance for the people of Tabriz and Iran. Moreover, it is a masterpiece of human adaptation to nature and a living example of ancient Iranian architecture and culture.

Some believe the primary residents of Kandovan village were the residents of the ruined and ancient village “Hilevar”. After the attacks of the Mongols, they moved and lived in Kandovan . Let’s take a walk in this magnificent village and learn Persian language and beyond.

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