Persian Language with Persian Song: It’s Simple

ُSadast-It's simple
Sadast, means 'it is easy'. It is sung by Amir Abbas Golab.

First of all, let me tell you that this is my favorite Persian song. It’s Simple or as we call it in Farsi ساده ست (Sadast) is a pop song by the Iranian singer, songwriter, and musician Amir Abbas Golab. Releasing in 2021 as a single from his album Sadas, the song is about the simplicity of love and the desire to be with someone who is honest, loyal, and passionate. The lyrics express the singer’s feelings for his lover and his willingness to do anything for her. It has a catchy melody and a lively rhythm that reflect the singer’s upbeat mood.

The fans and critics well received this song of Amir Abbas Golab. They praise his vocal performance and his songwriting skills. Sadaast also became a hit on various music platforms and charts in Iran and abroad. It has over 10 million views on YouTube and over 8 million plays on Spotify. ‘It’s Simple’ also has a remix version by DJ Mavi, which adds a more danceable and energetic vibe to the original song.

The song ‘it’s simple’ ساده است is one of the most popular and successful songs by Amir Abbas Golab, who is known for his versatile and creative music style. Golab has released several albums and singles since his debut in 2009, such as Hey To, Zire Baroon, Divooneh Bargard, and Alamdari. Amir Abbas is also a talented musician. He plays various instruments such as guitar, piano, harmonica, and flute. Amir Abbas Golab is one of the leading figures in the Iranian pop music scene.

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