Sogand-My Model

My Style (or My Model- مدل من) is a Persian pop song that was released in 2020. The singer and the composer of the song is Sogand, a young famous Persian music star. The song is about a woman who is disappointed and angry with her lover, who has treated her badly and cheated on her. She tells him that he was not her ideal partner, and that she knows he wants to come back to her, but she rejects him. She says that she is still in love with him, but she will not let him hurt her again. You can watch the video here.

My Model has a catchy melody and a powerful mood. The singer’s voice is strong and expressive, and she conveys her feelings of resentment and pain for her lover. My Style has a simple and repetitive structure and that is why I have chosen it for you. You can listen to this song and follow the lyrics in [this link], learn Persian language, and enjoy the music.

The song is popular among many Iranian people, especially women who can relate to the theme of betrayal and empowerment. It has been downloaded and streamed thousands of times on various music platforms.

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