Familiar Stranger (غریب آشنا/Gharibe Ashena) is one of Iham’s latest songs. Iham, also known as Ehaam, is a popular Iranian singer and songwriter who is famous for his emotional and powerful voice. He started his career in 2015 with the song Bezan Baran, which means “Rain Down”. Since then, he has released many hit songs, such as Soltane Ghalbam “King of My Heart”, and Cheshmanat Arezoost “Your Eyes Are My Wish”.

About the song

Iham released Familiar Stranger in 2022. The song is about a man who is deeply in love with a woman, but she does not reciprocate his feelings. The singer feels like he knows her very well, but she is still a stranger to him. He is obsessed with her and cannot let go of her, even though she does not care about him. Iham cries out to her. She does not hear him. He says that he will do anything for this love, even if it means destroying himself.

Familiar Stranger is very emotional and expressive, and it showcases Iham’s vocal range and talent. The lyrics are poetic and metaphorical, and they use many Persian expressions and idioms. For example, he says that he is “a destroyed home, a lifeless body” meaning that he is hopeless and empty without her. He also says that he will “stage a coup d’état for this love” meaning that he will rebel against anything that stands in his way.

The song has a video clip that was directed by Amir Taherian. The video shows Iham singing in a dark and empty room, while the woman he loves appears and disappears in flashes of light. The video also uses some symbolic elements, such as a flower that falls down when he faints, and a fish that swims in a bowl when he cries.

Singer: Iham Band (Maziyar Lashani)

Songwriter: Hadi Zinati

Music: Sirvan Khosravi

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