My orange by Marjan Farsad
Porteghale man, "My Orange", is sung by Marjan Farsad.

My Orange (پرتقال من in Persian) is a Persian song by Marjan Farsad, a singer, songwriter, and animator. The song was released in 2014 as part of her debut album Blue Flowers.

Since women cannot be singers in Iran, she had no choice except to emigrate from her beloved country and go to Canada. She writes most of her songs, makes the music, and arranges them all by herself.

My Orange is about a woman who misses her lover, who she compares to an orange. Mona says that his presence is like rain, fresh and cool and lovely and calm. The singer regrets building a wall between them and not loving him. She asks for his forgiveness and says that she will bring him whatever he wants. She also wonders who is controlling their destiny and if their story is unfinished.

The song has a nostalgic and melancholic mood, with a slow and gentle melody. The singer’s voice is soft and expressive, and she conveys her feelings of longing and sorrow for her lover. The song has a simple and repetitive structure, with four verses and a chorus. Make sure you follow the lyrics, repeat with the singer simultaneously, enjoy the song and learn Persian language and beyond.

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