Siamak Abbasi was born in Tehran, in 1356. He is a singer and composer.

The song ‘LOVE’ عشق is a romantic song by the Iranian singer, songwriter, and musician Siamak Abbasi. Releasing in 2019 as a single from his album Eshgh E Amigh (Deep Love), the song is about the deep and pure love that the singer feels for his partner. The lyrics express the singer’s gratitude, devotion, and admiration for his lover. The song has a soft and soothing melody and a gentle rhythm that reflect the singer’s calm and peaceful mood.

Love is one of the most popular songs of Siamak Abbasi among his fans and critics of Siamak Abbasi. The critics praised his vocal performance and his songwriting skills. LOVE also became a hit on various music platforms and charts in Iran and abroad. The song has over 8 million views on YouTube and over 6 million plays on Spotify. This song also has a music video that shows the singer and his lover spending time together in nature

The song ‘LOVE’ عشق is one of the most popular and successful songs by Siamak Abbasi. He is famous for his versatile and creative music style. Siamak has released several albums and singles since his debut in 2006, such as Khoshbakhtit Aarezoome, To Ke Nisti, Bebin Cheghadr Doostet Daram, and Alamdari. Abbasi is also a talented musician who plays various instruments such as guitar, piano, harmonica, and flute. He is one of the leading figures of the Iranian pop music scene.

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