Star (ستاره) is a Persian pop song by Saeid Shahrooz. It was released in 2023. Babak Sahraei wrote the lyrics and Saeid Shahrooz himself composed the music. The song was arranged by Behnam Abtahi and it is about a man who is in love with a star, but he knows that he can never reach her. He compares her to the moon, the sun, and the sky, and he wishes that he could be with her. He says that he is always looking at her from afar, and he hopes that she will notice him someday.

The song has a catchy melody and a romantic mood. The singer’s voice is smooth and expressive, and he conveys his feelings of longing and admiration for the star. It has a simple and repetitive structure, that makes practicing learning Persian language easier.

In this song the singer talks to the star and says ‘you are still awake, you are again unrest, aren’t you in love, as I am, and that’s the reason you aren’t sleeping…’

Star is popular among many Iranian people, especially young people who can relate to the theme of unrequited love. Listen to the song and repeat it simultaneously with the singer to learn Persian language (also called Farsi language) in a more fun way. You can find the lyrics here in [this link].

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