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This video is among the series which teach you Persian alphabet easily and quickly, as native speakers learn

If you have watched Persian Alphabet Part One, you know that here we have a revision of Persian Alphabet in four videos. We learn the symbols and letters, their sounds, and some examples with them and we also try to read some simple Persian texts. In the first video, we have covered the letters الف (a sound), ب (b sound), ن (n sound), د (d sound), ر (r sound), م (m sound), س (s sound) and also the short vowel اَ which has the a sound as in cat in English.

In this video, we are going to continue learning Persian alphabet by working on the following letters and sounds:

پ (p sound), ت (t sound), ز (z sound), ش (sh sound as in the beginning of the English word SHE), و (v sound), ه (h sound) and ی ( y sound as in the beginning of the word YES in English).

You can find the link to the first video here, to the third here, and here is the fourth video.

Make sure you take note of all sounds and letters, try to find Persian texts, something like a newspaper or a book, and circle around the letters you will learn in these videos. This can help you to learn read Persian faster.

Good luck with that

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