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In these series of videos you learn how to read and write in Persian.

In this series of videos, you will learn how to read and write Persian alphabet. There are four videos. Each cover some Persian alphabet, the way we write them, their sounds, and some examples with each letter. The first video starts with an introduction to Persian letters:

The Persian alphabet is based on the Arabic alphabet, but it has some differences and additions. It consists of 32 letters, four of which are not found in Arabic: پ (p), چ (ch), ژ (zh), and گ (g). It also has different names and pronunciations for some of the letters that are shared with Arabic.

There are also three vowels that we normally don’t write them. They are called short vowels. So, besides these 32 letters, you will also learn these three vowels and any additional signs that we use to sound Persian. Let’s learn Persian starting with Persian letters and sounds. Make sure you watch all four videos and you don’t miss one. You can watch video two [in this link], three [here] and the last one [here]. Make a notebook for learning Persian, Take notes of the letters, and also the vocabulary you learn here.

In video one you will learn the letters الف (a sound), ب (b sound), ن (n sound), د (d sound), ر (r sound), م (m sound), س (s sound) and also the short vowel اَ which has the a sound as in a in cat in English.

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