Zanjan: Rakhtshuykhaneh and Art-craft Museum

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Zanjan is a province in the northwest of Iran, with a population of about 430,000 people. It borders seven other provinces: East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Hamadan, Kurdistan, Gilan, Ghazvin and Ardabil. The province has a diverse geography, with mountains, plains, rivers, and lakes. The climate is cold and semi-arid, with hot summers and snowy winters. It is rich in natural resources, such as copper, lead, zinc, iron, and salt. The province is also known for its historical and cultural heritage, with many monuments, mosques, shrines, bazaars, and museums.

Zanjan city was also the site of a major uprising against the Qajar dynasty (1789-1925) in 1850-1851, led by Mulla Muhammad Ali Zanjani, a follower of the Babi faith.

It also has industries that produce carpets, metalware, rice, flour, and textiles. Zanjan city is famous for its handicrafts, such as knives, sandals (charoogh), and silver filigree (malileh). Some of the most notable landmarks in Zanjan city are:

  • The Zanjan Museum: A museum that displays artifacts and exhibits related to the history and culture of Zanjan province.
  • The Bazaar: The main market place of Zanjan city that sells various goods and products.

In this video, we visit one of the museums of Zanjan, called Rakhtshuykhaneh or Rakhtshoorkhaneh. Rakhtshuykhanehs were places to wash clothes and visit friends until 50-60 years ago. The building was made around a hundred years ago. Next to it there is a small art-craft bazaar, where people make and sell some traditional products such as leather shoes, knives, and accessories made with silver strings, called Malileh Bafi. Let’s visit the city together and learn not only some Persian words but also the culture of the people.

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