Ayatollah Taleghani: Hijab is not mandatory

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Ayatollah Taleghani was one of the prominent revolutionists and a member of the Assembly of Experts in the early days of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Soon he separated his path from the clergymen ruling the country. This disagreement even got tenser when the government arrested Taleghani’s wife and son. His relationship with Khomeini changed to a rocky one and led him to even more support the opposition groups and parties. For over forty years the regime’s supporters used his speech as proof of Khomeini’s will for compulsory Hijab.

Why Ayatollah Taleghani in Persian Campus?

Recently, full audio of his famous speech in support of the Hijab reveals that all these years the truth has been censored. He says Khomeini doesn’t care if women put on Hijab or not. However, Khomeini changed his view on Hijab a few years after the revolution and Hijab stayed mandatory until now.

I want you to hear this audio file for two main reasons. Firstly, because this is an important document about the history of Iran and its always ongoing issue as the Hijab. The censored that happened, all the stories they told us as evidence for their rules and forces are coming wrong. We understand every day that they are nothing but lies. Secondly, Ayatollah Taleghani speaks in a confident Persian language. He has a little bit of access of the place he comes from, Taleghan, a small place near Qazvin province. It is highly important for me you hear different accents of Persian or Farsi. It makes you able to improve your listening and wherever you hear the Farsi speakers in different accents, you can easily understand them.

In [this link] you can listen to a Persian podcast about Hijab. You can find its transcription in [this link]. I have explained the meaning of difficult vocabulary and asked you some questions to make sure you understand the podcast.

I don’t want to confuse you by using Persian and Farsi randomly instead of each other. I want you to know that in general terms both of them are equal. So, the language you are learning is Persian and in some regions besides Iran, it is called Farsi. Make sure you also listen to this podcast about Persian language and the reason that it is the standard language in Iran.

Listen and learn Persian (or learn Farsi) and beyond 🙂

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