Shapour Bakhtiar: I feel comfortable where I am!

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Shapour Bakhtiar was one of the most important opponents of Mohammad Reza Shah. Before the Islamic revolution, he was imprisoned several times for this opposition. During the final months of his rule, the Shah promised the people that he would make fundamental changes in the country’s political system. One of the steps he took to fulfill these promises was the election of Shapour Bakhtiar as the Prime Minister. But it was too late! People wanted nothing more than the overthrow of the king. Bakhtiar suggested to the Shah to leave Iran for treatment and let him calm the situation. He opened the airports for Ayatollah Khomeini to enter Iran. However, he himself had to live secretly in Iran for a few months and then became a refugee in France.
He was the target of terrorist attacks twice. The second attack killed him at the age of 77.

Why Bakhtiar in Persian Campus?

To learn Persian, the same as other languages, you need to know its history, culture, geography, and many delicate subjects about the country. The life of Bakhtiar, the same as many others who opposed the regime of Shah before the Islamic revolution can give you insight on the situation of those who were rejected in both regimes, kingdom and Islamic.

Moreover, Shapoor Bakhtiar speaks standard Persian as the Prime Minister. Standard Persian is the type of Persian or Farsi that is used in Media. Some people think standard Persian is the dialect of people of Tehran. But in fact, the standard is an adjective to describe a dialect with a range of specific vocabulary that is accepted to be used as the national language of a country. You can listen to a Persian podcast in [this link] why Persian (or Farsi) is the standard language of Iran among many other Iranian languages. The transcription of this podcast is [here]. Follow the lines, check the meaning of the new words in the same text, answer the questions, and learn Persian and beyond.

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