Mohammad Reza Shah: I heard the message of your revolution

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Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi was the last king of Iran, who ruled from 1941 to 1979. He was the son of Reza Shah Pahlavi, who founded the Pahlavi dynasty in 1925 and modernized Iran. Mohammad Reza Shah continued his father’s policies of pro-Western orientation and autocratic rule, but he also faced many challenges and crises, both domestic and international.

In the early 1950s, Mohammad Reza Shah faced a popular movement led by Mohammad Mosaddegh, a nationalist prime minister who nationalized the British-owned oil industry in Iran. The shah initially appointed Mosaddegh as premier, but later tried to dismiss him. Mosaddegh resisted and gained more power and support from the parliament and the people. The shah fled the country in 1953, but returned shortly after a coup d’état orchestrated by the CIA and MI6 overthrew Mosaddegh and restored his authority.

What happened to him?

In 1978-1979, a massive revolution erupted in Iran that challenged Mohammad Reza Shah’s rule. The revolution was led by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, a charismatic cleric who had been exiled by the shah in 1964. The revolutionaries mobilized millions of people through mass demonstrations, strikes, civil disobedience, and armed resistance. The shah’s army and security forces were unable to suppress the uprising. The shah left Iran in January 1979 and never returned. He died in Egypt in July 1980.

The Iranian Revolution ended Mohammad Reza Shah’s reign and established an Islamic Republic under Khomeini’s leadership. The revolution also changed the course of Iranian history and had a profound impact on the region and the world.

What do we learn here?

In this video, we hear a part of one of his most famous speeches which according to many was prepared by his wife, Farah, and he himself was not aware of it until the recording of the program. Some believe that he admitted his weakness with this speech, and some consider it a sign of accepting the government’s mistakes and announcing his will for change.

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