Barf (SNOW) is one of the famous Persian songs of Babak Jahanbakhsh, a young Iranian pop singer and songwriter. The song is a melancholic ballad about missing a loved one and remembering the moments they shared together. Yaha Kashani is the writer of the lyrics. Furthermore, the music composer is Babak Jahanbakhsh himself. Reza Tajbakhsh arranged the song. Ganja2Music website exclusively released the song in 2014. The Persian song has a video clip directed by Amir Taherian, which shows Babak Jahanbakhsh singing in a snowy landscape and reminiscing about his past relationship.

Barf was well received by Persian fans and critics and became one of the most popular Persian songs of Babak Jahanbakhsh.

Perhaps the harsh winter of these days has caused problems in many countries in the first month of 2023. But the snow is still beautiful and meaningful. In fact, I believe no natural phenomenon as much as snow can plunge man into his philosophical depths and make him aware of deep natural, and lifelong meanings.

Let’s listen to this Persian song together. To see the lyrics of this song in Persian language and English, just sign in Persiancampus and go to the “Let’s sing”. The theme of this song is very slow and can be good practice for Persian language learners. Try to whisper its text slowly and learn Persian and enjoy beyond it.

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