Human trip to other planets, especially a trip to Mars has been one of the main topics of sci-fi since the 19th century. In the late 1800 telescopes showed a magnetic surface of Mars; shapes and patterns very similar to the earth which made the scientists think there was an active and vivid culture there. Today, we know there is no artificial structure on Mars. We also found out that until 3.5 billion years ago, the dry and poisonous planet that we see today has been as habitable as our planet, Earth.

But what are the challenges and opportunities of sending humans to Mars? How can learning Persian language help us explore this fascinating planet and its mysteries? Moreover, How can learning Persian culture help us appreciate the scientific and artistic achievements of Iranians who have contributed to our understanding of Mars? How can learning Persian history help us relate to the aspirations and dreams of Iranians who have envisioned human missions to Mars?

In this podcast, we will try to answer these questions by looking at different aspects of human exploration of Mars. We will use Persian language as a tool to access original sources, testimonies, documents, and reports that reveal the history and current state of human missions to Mars. Besides, We will also use Persian culture as a lens to appreciate the creativity and innovation of Iranian scientists, engineers, writers, and artists who have worked on or inspired by Mars-related projects. We will also use Persian history as a context to situate the role and impact of Iran and Iranians in the global efforts to reach and colonize Mars.

By learning Persian language, culture, and history, we hope to gain a deeper understanding of human exploration of Mars and its challenges and opportunities. We also hope to raise awareness about the scientific and cultural contributions of Iran and Iranians to this field of space exploration. We also hope to inspire curiosity and passion for learning more about Mars and its potential for human settlement.

This podcast is not only about learning Persian language; it is also about learning Persian space. It is about learning from Iranian people who have a passion for exploring the unknown and expanding our horizons. Also, It is about learning with Iranian people who have a vision for advancing humanity and creating a better future. It is about learning alongside Iranian people who are part of our cosmic journey.

In this podcast, we investigate why scientists are eager to make the trip to Mars possible.

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