Podcast Nine: The Was between Iran and Iraq

Ahvaz Bridge
جنگ ایران و عراق آخرین جنگِ کلاسیک قَرنِ بیستم، هشت سال طول کشید و در این سال ها خسارت های مالی و جانی فراوانی به جای گذاشت.

The war between Iran and Iraq was a long and bloody conflict that lasted for eight years, from 1980 to 1988. The war started when Iraq invaded Iran on September 22, 1980, claiming that Iran was interfering in its internal affairs and supporting separatist movements among its Kurdish and Arab minorities. Iraq invaded Iran from Khuzestan where its people are Arabic speakers. He thought that the Arabs of Iran would open the gates of Iran to them and let them pass through these cities toward the capital. Saddam wanted a quick and easy war. But this war turned into the longest war of the twentieth century, lasting eight years.

Iraq also wanted to gain control of the Shatt al-Arab waterway, which was the main outlet for its oil exports. Iran, which had just undergone a revolution that overthrew the pro-Western Shah and established an Islamic republic, resisted the invasion and fought back with fierce determination.

The war soon became a stalemate, with both sides launching massive attacks on each other’s territory, cities, oil facilities, and shipping. It also involved foreign powers, such as the United States, the Soviet Union, France, China, and Israel, who provided weapons, intelligence, and financial support to either side. It also saw the use of chemical weapons by Iraq against Iranian troops and civilians, as well as the targeting of civilian airliners by both sides. The war ended with a UN-brokered ceasefire in 1988, after both sides accepted Resolution 598, which called for a withdrawal of forces to the pre-war borders and a settlement of disputes through peaceful means. The war resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths and injuries, millions of refugees and displaced people, and enormous economic and environmental damage for both countries.

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