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سریال قورباغه یکی از موفق‌ترین سریال‌های ایرانی در سال گذشته است. کارگردان این سریال هومن سیدی است و بازیگرانِ اصلی آن نوید محمدزاده، سحر دولتشاهی، صابر ابر و فرشته حسینی است.

The Iranian series Frog (قورباغه) is a crime and mystery series written and directed by Hooman Seyedi. It is produced by Ali Asadzadeh, and starring Navid Mohammadzadeh, Saber Abar, Fereshteh Hosseini, and Sahar Dolatshahi.

The series is about Ramin (Mohammadzadeh), a young and rebellious man who is involved in illegal activities. He has a complicated relationship with his father (Abar), a retired police officer. Ramin’s life changes when he meets Neda (Fereshteh Hosseini), a mysterious woman who has a dark past. The Frog refers to a mysterious drog which is produced in south America. The main characters get into a drugdealing stories which lead them to death.

The series has 15 episodes and is exclusively broadcasted on Namava since December 2019. The series has received critical acclaim for its plot, suspense, acting, cinematography, and music. Frog also won six awards at the 20th Hafez Festival, including the best drama series and the best actor award for Mohammadzadeh.

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