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سریال خاتون زندگی یک زن ایرانی را در دهۀ 1320، زمانی که نیروهای متفقین ایران را اشغال کردند نشان می‌دهد. کارگردانی درخشان تینا پاکروان که بخش زیادی از داستان این سریال را از داستان ها و زندگی مادربزرگش اقتباس کرده است و همچنین بازی نگار جواهریان و اشکان خطیبی این سریال را یکی از بهترین سریال‌های ایرانی کرده است.

Khatoon series shows Iran in the 1940s. In the period when the Allies entered Iran and occupied the county. Reza Shah is removed from the throne and his son Mohammad Reza is replaced. The story takes place in the cities of Rasht and Tehran and has it narrates the sacrifices of people in defense of Iran. The main actors of this series are Negar Javaherian and Ashkan Khatibi.

You might guess why Kahtoon is the first series I introduce to you as the first video to dub. The reason is simple: It’s fantastic. I can tell you recently many Iranian series in simple Persian have been published. Although they are not released on Iranian TV, some private companies release them exclusively. They were really successful and they caused the number of the audiences of National Iranian Television to drop drastically. They deserve this face, they are everything but national, with no creativity, and no truth. People consider the TV as Iranian’s government voice and follower. It has a great role in suppressing the real voice of Iranian people.

How do the dub videos work?

The target of LET’S DUB is to strengthen your listening and reading skills. The videos also aim to increase your fluency in speaking Persian. Each video has four parts: in part one, you watch one or two minutes of one of the Iranian series or movies. In the second round, you watch the same part with the subtitles. Part three gives you the meaning of vocabulary and expressions. Finally, in part four, it is your turn to dub the characters.

Here are some other series you can dub for the characters.

You can also practice repeating simultaneously here in THIS LINK, where some famous Iranian politicians speak in Persian language with different accents. Here are also Persian songs to do the same practice. If you want to learn more about the nature of Iran and its people, watch Iranview videos here

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