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Eclipse (خسوف/khosoof) is a series of dramas directed by Maziar Miri, which was broadcast in 2021 on Namava’s on-demand show system. Khossof has a dramatic, social, and romantic atmosphere. The producer of this series is Homayun Asadian. Its actors are Ali Omrani, Amin Tarokh, Setara Eskandari, Mino Sharifi, Sajad Babaei, and Masoud Karamati.

According to the promises and appointments made by the families, Amir must marry his cousin. But the page turns back at once. Amir falls in love with another girl and when this story is revealed, there is an uproar in the families.

The opening title music of Eclipse with a poem by Hossein Ghiyashi named “Where have you been” was performed by Mohsen Chavoshi.

My main goal is to introduce you to comprehensive input for your listening skills in Persian language so that you both enjoy and learn Persian. Here are some other series you can dub for the characters.

You can also practice repeating simultaneously here in THIS LINK, where some famous Iranian politicians speak in Persian language with different accents. Here are also Persian songs to do the same practice. If you want to learn more about the nature of Iran and its people, watch Iranview videos here.

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