People Mountain: a mountain for the people of Qazvin

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Let’s visit a mountain today with me. Iran is a mountainous country. You can find mountains in every city. The interesting point is that they are very close to the cities and very available, or probably the cities get very close to the mountains; which is sad, but a fact. What do you do when you want to hear your deeper voice? I go to nature, take long walks, and listen to the wind and birds…

The city I live in, Qazvin, is close to a region called Alamout, which is famous for its mountains, its lake (Ovan), and its history: it has the ruins of a castle belonging to Hassan Sabbah, Hasshashin leader and the god of Alamout. Well, this video is not about that area. I will sure take you to that castle, seeing it is a MUST.

This video is a little bit about me, taking one of those long walks, to a small mountain near my home, which is called People Mountain. Locals call it people mountain because it’s close to the city, and it’s easy to get there. You just need to take a one hour thirty minute hike. You will be there.

I want to walk and share some of my thoughts with you. The same as always, I don’t speak, I just write for you in Persian language, transcribe it in APA and translate it to English.

Let’s learn Persian language and beyond…

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