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Lahijan is a beautiful city in the north of Iran, near the Caspian Sea. It is the capital of Lahijan County, in Gilan Province. The city has a long history and a rich culture, and it is famous for its tea production and its natural attractions.

Lahijan is on the sediments of the Sefid-Rud River, which divides Gilan into two regions: Biehpish and Biehpas. Lahijan was the capital of Biehpish, which means “the place of silk” in Persian. It was a major center of silk trade and industry in Iran. It still preserves some of its historical monuments, such as the Akbarieh Mosque and the Golshan Bath.

What to see in Lahijan

Lahijan is also famous as the “City of Tea”. It was the first place in Iran where tea was cultivated. The person who introduced tea to Iran was Prince Mohammad Mirza, also known as Kashef-ol-Saltaneh. He was the first mayor of Tehran and the Iranian ambassador to India under British rule. He smuggled some tea seeds from India and planted them in Lahijan, where they thrived in the humid climate. His house, which overlooks the tea gardens, is now a Tea Museum. It showcases the history and culture of tea in Iran.

The city has many natural attractions that draw tourists from all over the country and beyond. One of them is the its Lake, which is an artificial lake by a dam on the River. The lake has a small island in the middle. It is connected to the shore by a bridge. The lake has greenery and flowers, and it offers a relaxing and scenic view of the city. Another attraction is the Sheytan Kuh (Satan’s Hill). It is a hill with a waterfall and a cable car that takes visitors to the top. From there, one can enjoy a panoramic view of the city.

The city also has a rich culinary culture, with many local dishes that reflect the diversity and freshness of its ingredients. Some of the most popular dishes are chicken and plum stew, fensanjan vegetable stew, and Gilaki shish andaz (skewered meatballs). Of course, no meal in Lahijan is complete without a cup of tea and some cookies.

What We Visit Here

We are visiting this city where the miraculous Iranian tea is planted for the first time. There is also a ‘father of tea’ who is called ‘Kashef Al-Saltaneh’: the king of discovery. We also visit his tomb which is a museum today. You cannot get to Lahijan and miss the Satan’s Hill. Let’s walk in the city and learn Persian language and beyond.

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