Dasjerd: An Iranian village in Takistan

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Dasjerd is a village in Takistan, Qazvin Province. The people here speak Tati and Persian language, a north-western Iranian language. My brother has a farm in this area. Last year in Spring I took a walk close to the area. Spring is coming and Iranians are getting ready for their New Year. We had a difficult year… we lost lots of loved ones because of the pandemic. Who thought all those difficult days would be over? We hardly can count all those days and those two and somehow three years as our past life. We all deserve to live two more years for losing 2020 and 2021. Sometimes I feel this pandemic made us so many horror stories to tell for our children.

Let’s walk and enjoy the silence of the area and hope for a bright future in this beautiful village, Dasjerd.

Dasjerd is a village in Qaqazan-e Sharqi Rural District, in the Central District of Takestan County, Qazvin Province, Iran. It has a population of 741 people in 193 families, according to the 2006 census. Its special yogurt, which they call Dough, not simply yogurt is very delicious and famous in Takistan and Qazvin area as Qaqazan yogurt. They make a delicious drink with it which is the famous Iranian drink, called Dough. However, in Iran by adding any type of yogurt to water, salt, and mint you can make Dough, in Dasjerd the main ingredient, the yogurt is called Dough.

Watch this video, enjoy nature, and learn Persian language and beyond.

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