Khosro Golsorkhi: Can anyone stop thoughts?

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Khosro Golsorkhi was a political activist, journalist, and Iranian poet. The Pahlavi government arrested him in 1972 on charges of planning to assassinate the Crown Prince. They still had another accusation: he was supporting Marxist and Communist ideas. They show his court and his friends on television. Because they wanted to show the people that being a supporter of the Communist, he is not a Muslim. In this way, they can arouse people’s emotions and persuade them to support the regime in the his execution.

Golsorkhi was unpleasant that artists, and especially writers, did not use the power of words to defend the oppostion. They expected them to deal with the cruelty of the regime using their arts. Therefore, in one of his most famous conversations, he said: “On our tombstone, don’t write any date, so that in future the people do not know we are the losers of this period of time.”

Khosro Golsarkhi was finally sentenced to death and shot. The hero of this video was only 30 years old. The hero who shouted the order “fire” himself, and still after fifty years, his freedom-loving shouts are whispered under the lips of freedom-loving youth.

Why Khosro Golsorkhi in Persian Campus

Sometimes, some sentences are not historical documents, but they still remain in the mind of people and recite chest to chest. These days with the movement of Mahsa/Jina Amini this quote of Khosro is moving mouth to mouth: can anyone stop thoughts? The rulers are killing young people and teenagers, just because they want one of their basic rights: to choose their cover. Where ever there is a fight against the cruel government, this idea of Golsorkhi is there. It doesn’t matter if it is a kingdom such as Pahlavi, who killed Khosro, or an Islamic one, today in Iran, that is killing our youth and forcing the rest to leave Iran.

Besides, listening to a poet in Persian language in his court is precious in every sense. Historically and linguistically, you hear the confident voice of an Iranian poet in a very stressful condition.

Listen to Khosro Golsorkhi and practice your listening in Persian language. Don’t forget Persian is also called Farsi and there is not a general difference between them. However, internationally Farsi refers to that versio of Persian language that is spoken in Iran.

Let’s learn Persian and beyond.

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